A therapeutic and balancing treatment for the ears. Helps reduce sinus congestion and relieve tension in the face and neck.

Hopi Ear Candling is a natural and safe therapy used to soothe and comfort the ears during times of discomfort. The warmth from the candles induces a suction action, thereby creating an inner ear massage. This massage helps to reduce pressure and the warmth from the burning candle helps to soften mucus or ear wax blocking the ear.

Courses of 3 treatments will be discounted by 10%.
This discount is only available when paying for 3 treatments in advance or at time of first appointment.

The treatment is particularly helpful with the following conditions:

    Excessive ear wax
    Blocked sinuses
    Helps to regulate pressure in the ear when related to congestion, colds and migraines
    Reduced hearing due to blockage
    Inner ear sounds (tinnitus)
Time Price
30-40 mins £30
15 mins (without massage) £20